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Colorado 2020 HOA Bills
HOA Transfer Fees;  $50 not $350
Private Companies charge for $50-60,
do-it-yourself save hundreds of dollars, your
Realtor should do this for you at no cost!  
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State HOA Office Sunset Report:  Reforms and
justification for HOA Office Deleted from              
HB 20-1200
Colorado State
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HOA home buyer
and owner
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HOA 55+ Communities: not what you think?
HOA Maintenance Guide Free
You can get all HOA documentation related to HOA
home sale transfer fees (home closing) yourself
and save on average $350: 1) print/download from
your HOA's web site or 2) request the property
management company provide your realtor on-line
access to the documents.  These are the same
documents that you pay the management company
$350+ to obtain:
there is no difference.  These
are available to you at any time by law for no
charge because you already paid for them via
you HOA dues.  
Colorado - Federal laws
Colorado's State HOA law
Colorado Common Interest Ownership