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Colorado HOA Transfer Fee Limits Favor
CAI and Big Property Management
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CAI Directs rewrite of Transfer Fee
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CAI legislative activity
CAI Tennessee:  CAI opposes a Bill that
would help home owners on fees,
Virginia: CAI  supports granting powers
eyond that in HOA governing documents to
home owners without home owner approval
Yes, CAI supported but a victory for home
owners when the Bill was vetoed. HB 791
Community Association Institute (CAI)
The most anti-HOA home owner organization in the nation.
Note: the media (Denver Business
Journal and the Denver Post)
indicate HOAs oppose this Bill.  
There is no HOA organization they
can quote.  What they mean is that
the Community Association Institute
(CAI) opposes the Bill.  The CAI
doesn't represent HOA home
owners or HOAs but HOA trial
lawyers and property managers.
CAI Fights FHA efforts to end the abusive
HOA/Condominium Transfer Fees on home
sales.    (page down this document 3 pages or
do a search on this page with "transfer")  This
is a CAI headquarters issuance and indicates
their nationwide effort to end the limits
imposed by FHA in loan approval when this
bogus fee is part of the home sale transaction.
CAI rejects requiring home owner approval
prior to a Board independently and without
informing home owners of their embarking on
costly legal suits.
Post web site on previous opposition to
requiring home owner approval on law suits
CAI petitions the Federal Housing Authority (FHA)
to allow HOA home sales transfer their bank
accounts the CAI has petitioned the fee charged
and pocketed by property managers on HOA
sales with FHA loans.  The FHA is revising its
rules on loans  and is considering not making any
loans on properties that are involved in third
party transfer fee charges including HOA home
sales transfer fees.  Interesting in its' letter to the
FHA the CAI still has not justified the fee other
than indicting it wants it continued (click on link
on title of this text).  

Insulting to home owners is also the buy-in on the
CAI's petition by the National Association of
Realtors.  Our group talked to representatives of
this organization in Denver and they had no idea
what the fee was, why it was charged, who
pocketed the money, and how the rate was
determined (we spoke with CAR in Colorado
(Colorado Association of Realtors)  No wonder
real estate folks get a bad rap when their
professional organization has no respect for the
very folks who put bread on their table and pay
their fees.  Yes we're talking abusing their
customer the home owner.

Let's hope the FHA defends home owners against
abusive fees on HOA home sales and prohibits
them on FHA loans.
CAI opposes empowering home
owners with a right to vote on the
use of HOA funds prior to the HOA
embarking on costly law suits.
If you obtained an FHA/HUD loan and an HOA
Transfer Fee was assessed in the transaction this
was improper.
HB 11-234: made home sale transfer fees illegal
except on HOA properties.  Also, clearly defined
incurred due to sale of home.  In other words,
additional and extraordinary expenses occurring
due to a home sale.  The fee continues to be
charged by property managers not to recover home
sale expenses but only because they can.  To date
this fee has never been justified by work performed.
HOA Transfer Fees
Community Association Institute (CAI): representing the interests of property managers and HOA lawyers
Know who they are, what they've done, and their involvement in blocking HOA Legislative Reform
Media continue to quote
non-existing opposition to HOA
legislative reform
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