Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate: see Section 7
List of documents home seller to provide home buyer
Read these documents to understand how the HOA is
governed prior to buying the home
Study on HOA Governance/Complaints:    this is and
independent, NOT by interest groups such as the
Community Association Institutue (CAI) or HOA lawyers
Colorado HOA Forum: Home Owner Advocates
HOA Control, Restrictions, Covenants, Governance
Governance Acticles

Judicial Deference:  supports (most)
HOA Board decision

Dispute resolution process, conflict
between home owner and HOA

A comprehensive document on
dispute resolution
Guide to CCR's in HOAs
Explanation of: Articles of Incorporation, Declaration,
CCRs, by-laws
Click on underlined text
HOA Board Member Recall: first read your
governing documents, this is a guide
Pay Your Dues or a $500 fine can
turn into $10,000
Pay the fines or else: limited options
Nonprofit Corporation Act & Other Statutes
HOA Sells Foreclosure:
Value $100,000 Sells for $4,000
State HOA Office Sunset Report
This study recommends an out of court binding
dispute resolution process for HOA home owner
complaints with their HOA Board. If implemented it
will make our current ineffective and basically
unenforceable State HOA Laws highly effective for
home owners and greatly improve HOA Board
compliance with HOA governing documents.
Statute of Limitations related to CCR
Violations: court case
Guides, Information & Articles on Rental Restrictions
HOA State Office for Dispute Resolution:
stop the lies, it works, it avoids legal costs
Refuting the lobbyists effort to kill
Proxy Voting
Read your HOA governing documents
prior to filing any complaint with your HOA!
Simple explanation of HOA Declaration, By-laws,
State HOA Office doesn't conduct
investigation and resolution of HOA home
owner complaints: legislation required to