Is your HOA Registered with the State as Required: Look them up, it's
the law  HB - 1134

CCIOA Colo HOA Law  

Colorado Common Interest  Ownership Act (“CCIOA”): primary HOA
law in Colorado

Pre CCIOA HOA Law    HOA Declared Prior to July 1992

HOA Ombudsman Bill, HB 10-1278, into Law: created the Colorado
HOA Information Office and Resource Center

HOUSE BILL 11-1124   Concerns Conflict of Interests Related to HOA
Boards of Directors

HB 12-1237: amends the association records provision of CCIOA to:
(1) make it clear what records must be maintained and produced to
homeowners; (2) specifically list the types of records which may be
withheld from production; and (3) eliminate the requirement that
owners must state a "proper purpose" prior to being permitted to
inspect records

Our efforts are directed at modifying Colorado HOA legislation, not
starting all over or tossing away the efforts of those who worked on
and got such legislation passed.  Notice the missing element in all of
these laws: there is no binding dispute resolution process
mentioned, no penalties for violators, and consequently the
homeowner is left with our pay to play, costly, litigious, time
consuming, and complicated Court System to get any part of any of
these laws enforced in their behalf.  

Simply including a paragraph or two in each law that mandates an out
of court, binding dispute resolution process for homeowner
complaints would make this very weak and ineffective legislation fair
and balanced and effective for both the homeowner and HOA.  
Colorado Legislation and Law
(mostly ineffective from the home owners perspective until an out of court binding
dispute resolution process in placed into law)
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates

HB 14-1254 HOA Fees Disclosure Bill

Registering HOA's

HB  1276    HOA Debt Collection

HB  1277  Licensing Community Association
Manages (CAM)  

SB 13-183  Xeriscaping

Colorado HOA Information Office and
Resource  Center Annual Reports
Avoid our court system as we find it a less than a fair means of
dispute resolution and very costly.  If you go to court on the most
simple issue you will be fighting the HOA, its' unlimited funds,
paying your attorney fees and the HOAs.  This can run into the
thousands on a court.  Mostly only attorneys win in court
because they get paid win or lose.
Issue Paper on our 2013-2014 HOA Legislative Initiatives
(detailed document)
2013 HOA Legislative Summary
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