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Sellers are required to provide home buyers and Title Company with a set of HOA Official Documentation and
a copy of their final billing from the HOA.$1,000.

Property management companies
(PMCs) will charge the seller on average $350 up to $1,000+.  PMCs label
this charge as a home sale transfer fee but consider: a) the documents should be no
charge to the home
seller upon request or only cost to place on a CD or hardcopy
as by law documents are owned by and
accessible to home owners upon demand; b
) by law only reasonable charges can be made to the home
seller to provide the documentation c)
home owner's have already paid for this service with their HOA dues
d) documents are normally posted on the HOA web site for free access but home owners are led to believe
these are not the official documents to provide to the home buyer and Title Company (not true) e) home
owners are not charged any other time of the year for documentation except when selling their home! f)
home owners are not aware of private company services that can provide this documentation to the home
buyers and Title companies for $40-70: blame the HOAs and blame the control over this data by the PMC that
precludes options to home owners.

Home owners can meet this home closing requirement and save hundreds of dollars by: 1) downloading the
documents from the HOA web site or requesting copies via file transfer, email, CD, or hardcopy for delivery
to the home buyer and Title Company or 2) use a service provider that will complete the work for a nominal
fee of $45-70 that will include sending the documents to the home buyer, Title Company and others as
requested in an orderly packet
3) apprise the HOA and PMC that your Realtor is your agent and can request
all documentation in your behalf for distribution to the home buyer and Title company

The management company shouldn't be charging the home seller a home sale transfer fee and the Title
Company shouldn't be charging the home seller an "Administrative" or other type fee normally charged by
the management company to gain this paper work if this work is completed by the home seller or through a
service provider.  Your Realtor should not allow this fee on the home closing statement.

The documents you acquire on you own or through a service provider are the same documents the
management company will send to the home buyer and Title Company.
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Home Closing Option
Save Hundreds of Dollars
HOA Home Sale Transfer Fee and Home
Closing Documetation Requirements

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Colorado  Refer to Section 7:
HOA documentation home seller provides to buyer

and Title Company
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