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Colorado HOA Forum's Complete HOA Home Buying Guide Set

Sample/Drafts of our Guides:
HOA Home Sale Dcoumentation Guide
HOA Condominium Home Buyer's Guide
HOA SeniorCommunities
Finances: living in an HOA vs Non-HOA Community
HOA 10 year cost analysis
HOA Move-in Guide

Upcoming Guides

Profiling and Selecting the HOA for You
The Total HOA Home Buying Guide
HOA Maintenance Guide
HOA Covenants, Controls, Restriciton
HOA Cost Cutting Ideas
HOA Issues Rarely Discussed
HOA Property Management Companies
The Complete HOA Home Buying, maintenance, ownership, and Governance Library
Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate: see Section 7
List of documents home seller to provide home buyer and
Title Company. Do this yourself and save hundreds on home
closing.  If you need help on this contact us.
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
The Guides are for home owner and Colorado HOA
Forum use only and are not to be reproduced or
used for commercial purposes without approval of
the Colorado HOA Forum
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