HOA Finance Guide and  HOA
vs Non-HOA Cost of Living
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
HOA Financial Matters
Financial Management, Fines, Fees, Liens
Protection Against Fraud and
Embezzelment: internal controls
Can Your HOA Declare Bankruptcy?
Financial Control: Overivew/Basics
HOA Finances:
Best Practices for Getting Your
Homeowners Association through Difficult
Economic Times
Pay Your Dues or a $500 fine can
turn into $10,000
Pay the fines or else: limited options
HOA Sells Foreclosure:
Value $100,000 Sells for $4,000
HOA Collection Policy: state law
Only registered HOA's can file and enforce liens,
HOA liens and Super Liens Overview
HOA Foreclosures and Liens
HOA Cost Saving Ideas Guide
HOA Budgets: preparation, presentation, passage
"Generally": 1) budgets presented by the Board that
are contained within monetary restriction/increases
setforth in governing documents will be deemed
final and not be subject to home owner approval or
veto 2) in the absence of budgetary restrictions set
forth in governing documents, home owners will be
provided the opportunity to veto a budget at an HOA
budget presentation meeting, if the veto is
successful the prior year's budget will be adopted.

HB 16-1149
HOA Registration: penalties for non-registration
Safeguarding and Investing HOA Funds