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Realtor Services vs HOA Home Buying Kit
Your Realtor simply doesn't have the time or knowledge to
work with you to complete the comprehensive HOA home
buying tasks presented in the HOA Home Buying Kit.  Realtor
the home buying with a less than optimal home buying
decision.  The Kit guides you through the total buying
experience with insight and information on how to evaluate and
select the HOA community that fits your needs, discusses the
intricacies of HOA governance and maintenance
responsibilities.  You will even be informed on the process to in
the gaps and ensures you are a good fit with the community to
mitigate  post-purchase blues.
Realtor and HOA Home Buying Kit
Selecting Your HOA Community
Comprehensive guide to questions
you should ask in identifying the
right HOA that will meet your
housing needs.  Over 100 questions
you need to address prior to home
purchase: get the right fit between
you and the HOA
A list of issues not generally discussed or
known that you should ask about and
demand answers: avoid HOA home buying
post purchase blues with this list of