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Colorado 2020 HOA Bills
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for Home Owners
HOA Reform Bills, HB 20-1200 and HB 20-1333,  
Dead for 2020, legislators cave into special
interests: all reforms in original Bills deleted
including out of court dispute resolution and
home sale transfer fee reform to save
homeowners $15 million a year.  
Read about
the Bills, what they offered.  If HB 20-1200 is
passed into law it continue a government
office (State HOA Office) with no particular
service to the public, continue to collect
$250,000 in HOA registration fees with no
justified purpose and provide no advisory or
investigative services for homeowner
complaints: it will continue to be
administrative only.
HOA Transfer Fees;  $50 not $350
Private Companies complete for $50-60,
do-it-yourself and save hundreds of dollars,
your Realtor should do this for you at no
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