Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
All legislative initiatives promoted by the Colorado HOA Forum
must not result in:  any costs to taxpayers; inhibit free,
competitive and open business practices; not materially
impose any net cost on HOAs and their home owners; not
negatively influence home owners from volunteering, and
support improved HOA governance.  All State supported HOA
services must be funded by HOAs and other user fees.  

Implement an out of court binding dispute resolution process within the State HOA Office to resolve home
owner complaints with their HOA Board

Improve the HOA Registration process to collect and publish on State HOA Office web site: each HOA's
property management company; email address; a certification that all Board members read their own HOA
governing documents and the State HOA Office's most current public presentation; and transmit to the
Office copies of all official documents required by DORA to be provided home buyers.  The contract to Buy
and Sell Real Estate lists these documents.

Revive the HOA property manager licensing program that was vetoed in 2019. Improve upon Colorado
legislation that licenses HOA property managers (PM):  require PMs to provide detailed receipts to home
owners paying fees and a statement on invoice and in contracts with HOAs indicating that such work is
unique and extraordinary with the sale of a home and not previously paid for with HOA dues.  

Require Realtors and HOA home buyers to certify they received and read mandatory legally required
closing documentation.

Legislation to extend requirements of licensed property managers to time shares

Term limits on HOA Board members when others are willing to serve

Limit the amount of special assessments and ability of an HOA to enter into a court case without approval of
home owners.

Require HOA rental property owners to utilize part of every rent payment to pay HOA dues

Election and voting reform including banning default of proxies to Boards for any reason and limits on
absentee owners in proxy voting

Disclosure of Metro District debt on property as part of home closing process

Disclosure of "super lien" impact on home foreclosure
Proposals for HOA Reform
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