Construction Defects requires home
owners to approve  litigation
HOA's Still Able to Regulate Size and
Breed and Vicious Dogs
HOA Current Events and Issues
HOA Home Sale Transfer Fees: $50 not 350
Condominium Questionnaire $25
not $125
Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
Collection of Our Articles  in Denver Post
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key word HOA to view our postings.
Home Owners do all the work related to
home closing/transfer fees and still get
charged a Transfer Fee.
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State HOA Office Sunset Report
HB 19-1309: provides mobile home and
manufactured home communities with an out of
court dispute resolution process within the State
HB 13-1277, HOA Property Manager Licensing,
provided an out of court dispute resolution
process for complaints by home owners with their
HOA management company
Denver Post Reports on
Effort for Dispute Resolution
Value $100,000 Sells for $4,000
HOA Fees Seminar Revealing: follow-up
meeting to be held
Snow plowing dysfunction
Report and correct wasteful practices
The management company will do
whatever plowing your Board wants
Judicial Deference:
supports (most) HOA Board Decisions
A guide to refuting arguments against
implementing a State Dispute Resolution
Process and State HOA Data Repository
HB 20-1200, Continuation of State HOA Office
and implementing a homeowner dispute
resolution process.  Changes in Bill needed to
ward-off critics: Our request to legislators to
enhance chances of passage
Metro Districts can deliver surprisingly and costly tax
HOA: Daycare business coming to your
neighborhood like it or not  SB 20-126
Metro Districts and Taxes
Colorado metro district debts can take
homeowners decades to pay off
HB 20-1200 Study on Cost to Implement
Dispute Resolution Within the State HOA Office
How developers use bonds, mill levies to
ensure they are repaid
Our comments/changes to HB 20-1333 We
provided the sponsors this document that
displays the exact changes/additions that
would improve this Bill
HB 20-1333 improves upon access to HOA
documentation, election reform, and other
issues, highly important, more to come   
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HB 12-1200 concerning the continuation of
the State HOA Office and providing an out of
court dispute resolution process for home
State HOA Data Repository can save HOA
home owners Millions
HB 20-126 concerning requiring HOAs to
allow day care businesses with fences,
playground equipment and overriding other
HOA community controls
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proposed Bill
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The politics of metro districts
COVID-19 Articles-Comments - and
Opportunities Concerning
Finances, Home Owership and
HOA Issues
a.  Interest rates have fallen
significantly, think about refinancing,
shop around for best deal, weigh the
cost to refinance vs lowering your
monthly rate, tap your equity through
refinancing to provide emergency funds
b.  You most likely will see a rebate
from your auto insurance company
c.  Difficulty in paying your mortgage
payment: consider mortgage
forbearance and forgiveness:
Article 1         Article 2
d.  Don't fall behind on your HOA dues,
talk with your HOA Board for a
payment plan, avoid liens, understand
your options to avoid foreclosure.  This
is a separate obligation than mortgage
Guide for Boards 1    
f.   Seniors, don't have the
grandchildren visit, you may spread
the virus from you to the kids or kids to
g. CARES Act 2020 and Foreclosure  
Local Article on CARES
CNBC Article
HB 20-1333 will not be considered
during the 2020 legislative session
but resubmitted in 2021