Charter Statement

The Colorado HOA Forum is an organization consisting mostly of homeowners from
Colorado Homeowner's Associations (HOA's).  We also have members from other
states including Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina,
Maryland, and California.  We are dedicated to improving Colorado HOA governance
through legislative reform.  .

Our goals and objectives.   Please note our initiatives in no way interfere with an HOA
Board's ability to govern or inhibit home owners from serving on the Board.  Our
legislative initiatives are not funded by taxpayer dollars nor do they result in any net cost
to home owners, HOAs or businesses.  The reforms we propose either require no
funding or are funded by HOA registration fees, licensing fees, and/or user fees but the
net affect on home owners when considering cost savings is cost savings.

We strive to be an alternative information resource to the
Community Association
Institute (CAI) and other industry special interests that have been the sole source of HOA
information for the public and legislature for several decades at the expense of home
owners.  The CAI represents property managers and the HOA legal industry and has
been instrumental in stopping or watering down every HOA Bill proposed or passed by
the Colorado legislature as well as our Bills.
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Colorado HOA Forum:  Homeowner Advocates
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