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Smoking Ban in Condominiums
Parking Space Assignment,
changes, transferred, insured
Update on FHA Loan Requirements
Mold Damage: who is responsible?
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Condominium Questionnaire: a costly
requirement in acquiring a loan that involves
little effort on the part of the management
company.  The fee may be charged twice: once
by the management company and once by the
lender.  The fee can range from $50 to nearly
$500.  This is an income enhancement scheme
when the home buyer/seller is charged more
than $50: the form is completed via a
push-button computer application requiring no
new work to complete.
Envelope Study

Ask if the HOA has completed an
envelope study
; this is when the HOA
has hired an engineering firm to study
and evaluate the skin of the property
that is the responsibility of the HOA: this
will provide the buyer with a view on how
well the HOA attends to its maintenance
responsibilities and can foretell the need
for future special assessments.