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A complaint filed with the State HOA Office will not be
investigated.  There is no State oversight of HOAs. HOAs
are registered with the State only for administrative

Violations of HOA State laws and HOA governing
documents must be litigated in court.
There is no State
Agency to investigate a home owner's complaint with
their HOA.

Learn all about dispute resolution from our study papers
posted on this web site.
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State HOA Office Sunset Review for
continuation of this function: our comments
This is the most important opportunity for HOA
reform in 30 years for home owner's rights.
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Registration Fee

Only associations that have greater than $5,000 in annual revenue are required to pay the
registration fee. Associations that have $5,000 or less in annual revenue are still required to
register but do not have to pay the registration fee.

The HOA Initial Registration Fee is $30.  (This fee applies to any HOA registering for the first time.)
The HOA Renewal Fee is $33.  (This applies to any HOA that has been previously registered with the
All fees are nonrefundable.      
Read more about HOA registration
Colorado HOA Bills and Acts