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HOA's Still Able to Regulate Size and
Breed and Vicious Dogs
Construction Defects requires home
owners to approve  litigation
Property Manager Licensing Ended July 1, 2019
Governor Vetoes Bill to Continue Program
HB 19-1212, Continue Manager Licensing:  addressed no
licensing weaknesses and weak on consumer protections
Property Manager Licensing Law
Our comments on Continuing Licensing
Mobile Home Park Act Oversight
HB 19-1309
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HOA Legislation of Note
No HOA Property Manager Licensing Bill will be submitted during the
2020 legislative session.  With the veto of HB 19-1212 to continue
program it will now be required to complete another State Sunrise Study
to identify a need for licensing after which a Bill can be submitted to
implement a licensing program. Thus the milti-billion dollar HOA industry
will exist with no oversight of HOA home owner dollars that support the
industry.  Plenty of blame to go around and hopefully next time a Bill is
submitted it is not written by and for industry but with consideration for
home owner protections.  2021 appears to be the earliest opportunity for a
new Bill.  
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HB 20-1200, Continuation of State HOA Office
and implementing a homeowner dispute
resolution process.  Changes in Bill needed to
ward-off critics: Our request to legislators to
enhance chances of passage
HOA: Daycare business coming to your
neighborhood like it or not  SB 20-126
HB 20-1200 Study on Cost to Implement
Dispute Resolution Within the State HOA Office
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Our comments/changes to HB 20-1333 We
provided the sponsors this document that
displays the exact changes/additions that
would improve this Bill
HB 20-1333 improves upon access to HOA
documentation, election reform, and other
issues, highly important, more to come   
HB 20-1200 concerning the continuation of the
State HOA Office and providing an out of court
dispute resolution process for home owners
HB 20-126 concerning requiring HOAs to
allow day care businesses with fences,
playground equipment and overriding other
HOA community controls
HB 20-1333 will not be considered during
the 2020 legislative session but
resubmitted in 2021.  This is the Bill that
could have saved homeowners $15-20 a
year in unjustified, duplicate billed HOA
Transfer Fees.  The sponsors lacked the
resolve to push this Bill for consideration,
lobbyist stood strongly against it and home
owners lose.
Lobbyist killed two HOA Bills that would
have provided out of court dispute
resolution for HOA homeowner complaints
and mostly put an end to costly, duplicative
and abusive home sale transfer fees that
cost homeowners $15-20 million a year.
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