Out of Court Binding Dispute Resolution
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We already have mediation in State Law and most HOA by-laws (governing documents).  
add time, cost, uncertainty, and more process to an already weak HOA enforcement system.

Homeowners want an accessible and affordable HOA enforcement system and one that
has a defined process from beginning to end. An enforcement process that renders
decisions expeditiously and based on HOA law and their own by-laws.  An HOA legal
enforcement process that is out of court for most homeowner complaints and is binding.  
The idea of mandatory mediation contradicts all the positive aspects we advocate in
enforcing HOA law.  Mediation, optional or mandatory, is an enforcement system based on
"hope", "if", and "maybe" not certainty of a decision nor does it bring the feature of finality in
system for a judgement; and this process will require homeowners to gamble several
hundred dollars on a mediation session that in many cases will not result in any or only a
partial decision which is simply unacceptable and unaffordable for homeowners.  
The idea is to resolve complaints, have decisions rendered, make dispute resolution
affordable and accessible.  Our proposal of med-arb meets this criteria.  Mediation,
mandatory or not, will simply add more process, time, cost, and uncertainty to dispute
resolution which is no one's goal.
Out of court binding dispute resolution for HOA
home owners: same process DORA used(s) for
Property Manager/CAM complaints and mobile
home park home owner complaints
Out of Court Binding Dispute Resolution
within the State HOA Office
A home owner CAN elect to use the   
court system vs the State process.  
No homeowner's legal rights are
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Out of Court Binding Dispute Resolution
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Out of Court Binding Dispute Resolution
Flow Chart
HOA Office Sunset Review Report,
recommendations for HOA reform,
includes implementing an out of
process within State HOA Office
DORA Cost Estimates on Dispute Resolution Programs (DRP)

Fiscal notes/budgets developed by DORA to implement dispute
resolution processes (DRP):

Mobile Home Park DRP   5 Full Time Employees
HOA Property Manager DRP  3 Full Time Employees
HOA Homeowner DRP  22 Full Time Employees

Our Proposal/Budget on HOA Office DRP  5-7 Full Time Employees