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Property Manager Licensing Law Expired July 1, 2019
Comprehensive comments on Continuing Licensing
Original Property Manager Law
Overview: HOA Property Manager Licensing Bill:  HB 19-1212 vetoed by Governor
HOA Project Management/Oversight Charges:
Costly, Often Excessive
Lobbyist Begin Drive to Kill HOA Reform Will fight
consumer protections in Licensing
HOA Home Sale Transfer Fee Dirty Dozen:
Our compromise request to legislators on property manager licensing is
simple, no cost to implement and easy to understand with major impact
HOA reform.
Property Management Guide: learn about
the role of the property management
company in your HOA
Snow plowing dysfunction
The management company will do
whatever plowing your Board wants or
allows to be done, you pay the bill

HOA Property Management Transfer Fees
and Condominium Questionnaire: reduce
fees from $350 to $50 and from $100+ to
$25 respectively Oct 1 Seminar  The dirty
little lie about Transfer Fees
Property Management Home Sale
Transfer Fee: can cost you upwards of
$1,000, learn about what this is and
how to reduce this fee to no more than
Amendment to original Bill
Property Management Companies and HOAs
HOA Property Manager Evaluation-DRAFT
Our Guides:
HOA Cost Cutting Ideas
HOA Property Management: licensing laws, roles & responsibilities and a look at HOA Attorney
Property Managers and HOA Attorneys:
beware of the close relationship
HOA Attorney: who do they work for?
When the HOA Property Manager Licensing Law is considered (most likely in 2021) our below
comments posted in late 2019 are still applicable.  A Sunrise Study will again have to be
completed by the State prior to any Bill being introduced to regulate property manager.  
No HOA Property Manager Licensing Bill will be submitted during the 2020 legislative session.  With the veto of HB
19-1212 to continue program it will now be required to complete another State Sunrise Study to identify a need for
licensing after which a Bill can be submitted to implement a licensing program. Thus the milti-billion dollar HOA
industry will exist with no oversight of HOA home owner dollars that support the industry.  Plenty of blame to go
around and hopefully next time a Bill is submitted it is not written by and for industry but with consideration for home
owner protections.  2021 appears to be the earliest opportunity for a new Bill.