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If you obtained an FHA/HUD loan and an HOA
Transfer Fee was assessed in the transaction this
was improper.
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HOA Home Sale Transfer Fee
Transfer fee are assessed home owners by
property management companies mostly for
services already paid for with HOA dues.  
Cost to Colorado home owners annually:
$10-12 million
HOA Transfer Fees;  $50 not $350
Private companies already provide this
service but property management
companies interfere with access to saving
home owners hundreds of dollars on home
closing costs.
Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate: see Section 7
List of documents home seller to provide home
buyer:  this should cost the seller no more than $50 or
do it yourself at no cost: contact us for information
Home Owners do all the work related to
home closing/transfer fees and still get
charged a Transfer Fee.
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HOA Transfer Fees: you do all the work but
management company still charges you a fee
This is a big deal, costing Colorado
home owners upwards of $12-15
million a year!
In the News
Detailed Cost Analysis of the Economic Impact on
HOA Homeowners with the HOA Home Sale Transfer
Fee.  Alternatives save money.