How your legislators Voted on HOA Bills
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Bills must clear the committees or they will not be voted on by the full House
and Senate to become law (after the Governor signs the Bills).  

The votes cast in the House and Senate Committees and in the full House and
Senate are posted on-line for your viewing  

Begin this process by visiting the
General Assembly web site

Next, click on Find a Bill

Enter the key word, bill number in Search box: for example if researching HB
19-1212 you can enter the Bill number or 1212 or HOA

Scroll down the results until you find your Bill

Recreate Homeowners' Association Community Manager Licensing
Concerning the recreation of the community association manager licensing
LAST ACTION: 05/31/2019 | Governor Vetoed
SPONSORS: Rep. B. Titone | Rep. M. Duran | Sen. R. Fields | Sen. N. Todd
SESSION: 2019 Regular Session
TYPE: Bill
SUBJECTS: Business & Economic Development Housing Professions &

Next, scroll down and you will find the voting record on each Bill
not partisan issues, not Republican or
Democratic issues, Conservative or Liberal
issues, these are home owner's issues.